Arjun Shraddha' Romance

Arjun Shraddha’s Romance in Half GirlFriend


I have seen the movie of director - Mohit Suri, starer - Arjun Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor, Half Girlfriend. I saw a credit line at the start of this film that reads: 'Brought to you by Chetan Bhagat Private Limited'.

  • The film presenting pretty close to the book.

Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor) is leaving Patna, leaving a broken-hearted Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor) behind. He goes into flashback mode, to the time when he and Riya met at college in Delhi.

  • Madhav & Riya, become friends because of their common interest in basketball.

Madhav Jha (Arjun Kapoor), a rural boy from Bihar, who can't speak well in English, luckily gets admission in St. Stevens through sports quota. Madhav falls for Riya Somani (Shraddha Kapoor), a rich girl who also studies in St. Stevens.

  • Typical college poor guy falls in love with rich girl romance.

Soon, Madhav befriends Riya and he conveys his feelings for her, but Riya declines the proposal of being his girlfriend but decides to be his half-girlfriend. Shailesh (Vikrant Massey) advice Madhav to keep a physical relationship with Riya. Madhav tries to keep a physical relationship with her but it's rejected by Riya. Finally, he told - Deti hai to de, varna kat le. Thus, Riya starts ignoring Madhav.

  • Madhav told - Deti hai to de, varna kat le. So, Riya marries her childhood friend.

A year later, Riya marries her childhood friend Rohan and settles in London, where Rohan has a big business. On another side, Madhav continues to miss Riya and returns to his village. Three years after their separation. Madhav tries to help girls get admission in his mother's school but is unable due to the college's poor toilet facilities for girls. Madhav contacts the MLA to raise funds but is rejected.

  • Madhav with Bihari accent, Not knowing English.

However, Madhav gets to know that Bill Gates is visiting schools in Bihar and will help them to raise funds. The problem arises as Madhav is appointed to give a speech to Bill Gates in English.

  • Surprise Riya is Back to taught only English.

Meanwhile, Riya comes to Bihar and meets Madhav. Riya tells Madhav that she is a divorcee and assures him to prepare a speech for Bill Gates. Madhav gives a good speech, in which Bill Gates decides to help them. After the speech, Madhav realizes that Riya is suffering from blood cancer and is now moving to New York City.

  • Riya cut all ties in India, disappeared.

When Madhav attempts to track her down in New York, he finds that she has cut all ties with India and has disappeared. Shailesh, Madhav's college friend with whom Madhav stays tells him to forget Riya.

  • Storie Ends Out of Box - Not complete adaptation from Chetan Bhagat's - Half Girlfriend.

After six months, during Christmas Madhav finds Riya at a jazz event and the two reconcile. The film ends with Madhav and Riya successfully running the school, and have a daughter.

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