Digital India, A telecom revolution.

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If we talk about 4G VoLTE and internet, everyone knows that accessing the internet was very costly. It was not affordable by every individual in India for 27/7. Very few were using it to do their important task only.

First time in Indian, JIO offered free voice calls and mobile internet at five times less than other’s rates with a wide range of entertainment options. We can call it as a “Telecom Revolution”. Within a short span of time, JIO plans are booming up quickly in India.

It’s an era which accelerated the internet plans in very affordable cost for every common public in India. The investments and infrastructure are too huge so Ambani said it’s a very big start-up in the world and “No JIO customer will ever have to pay for voice calls again.

In Indian mobile network industry, it is an unprecedented step. In 2010, Ambani re-entered in telecom by acquiring a sector that had bought pan-India 4G spectrum with 2300 MHz band. But got delay due to technological challenges in frequency.

Apart from this, Reliance communication is coming up with fiber cable Broadband service very shortly. This will also launch very soon in affordable price range. One by one finding a new quick and fast update in technology; even 5G is on the way to come over 4G. Let’s see, what next…
So, be digital, be techy and have a speedy surfing with QuriousBox.

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