Do you have your Mobile with Healthy Heart

Do you have these queries in your mind regarding your mobile performance?
  • Why your phone is very slow..?
  • Why your battery is draining so fast..?
  • Why your phone is getting heated like oven..?
  • Why it is hanging after you download more apps..?
  • How can you resolve these issue..? Are you Qurious to know..?

Keep reading this; at the end, you will get to know, only you can control all your mobile problems…

Let’s assume your mobile is a human body, and if we want our body to perform good, all organs should be healthy. Everyone knows our body works properly if our heart is healthy. If our heart is healthy, then body performance will be in a proper way. 

Similarly,  In your phone - if heart means the processor is healthy than the body means mobile will perform best. Now, you might be Qurious to know where the heart in your mobile?

Yes, you are right. The processor of your mobile is the heart of your mobile which controls everything and the performance of mobile depends on its Processer - the CPU.

Now if you want to buy a new mobile, you will get confused because there are many phones, some are with higher RAM, more cores, higher battery size, GPU, 32GB, 64GB, and so many other features; not only this but also different processors like Mediatek, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Samsung Exynos, or Intel Atom. Let’s continue, we will consider four

Here we will get the CONFUSION. so, let’s continue; with the four parameters for comparing the performance of the mobile processor.

1. Mediatek

This processor is very famous in the Asian continent; manufactured by a Taiwanese company. They buy chipset architecture from ARM. As well, its is well known for giving more cores in it (like octa, hexa, deca-core). As they are using more cores; they also need more RAM for the same. 

  • Battery Life

As these phones are equipped with more RAM, so there processor need more power which results in low battery life. Now they are working on optimizing their processors but still lags they are much behind their competitors in terms of battery life. 

  • Performance

From the performance point of view, they are good, as they are using more cores and higher RAM. But over the period of time, the performance is getting slower. 

  • Heating Problem

If you ever used the phone with mediate processors then we need to tell you the heating problem associated with these processors. The basic reason of more heat is - more cores, we can say if the cores are higher than the heat generation will be more.

  • Graphics

Mediatek uses third party GPU ( Graphical unit) which is Mali graphics car and as graphics and CPU architecture is not same so the performance of the processor is efficient.

2. Snapdragon

Snapdragon is also known as Qualcomm Snapdragon, these chipsets are manufactured by an American company Qualcomm.
Their chipsets are known as SoC's(System on chip) which means their chipsets(SoC's) were equipped with a CPU, GPU(Adreno Graphics), Cellular Modem unit, Image processor, Media processor, Wifi Module, DSP(Digital Signal Processor), Radio Module, GPS Module, etc. and that’s why their chips are bit costly.

  • Battery Life

Snapdragon chipsets are well known for battery efficiency if compared to all other chipsets.

  • Performance

As far as Performance is a concern they are best in this zone. In handling heavy tasks, gaming, multi-tasking, they are really good. 

  • Heating Problem

As their chipset are SoC’s and battery consumption is not high so the heating problem is very less.

  • Graphics: 

They are using their own GPU called Adreno. So the performance of CPU and GPU are matched.

3. Exynos

This is also known as Samsung Exynos as is made by Korean company SAMSUNG. They have a good Research team to optimize the performance on ARM chipset.

  • Battery Life

As they use best and smallest components on their chipset wich makes this processor consume less power and give good battery life.

  • Performance

there continues work on improving chipset performance is good but compare to snapdragon still, it needs to cover much distance.

  • Heating Problem

Smaller the size of the component on a chip less the energy consumption so lesser the heat generation. So these components generates lesser heat compare to mediate processors

  • Graphics

Mali is the GPU which they are using on ARM chipset but because they have done significant research so there GPU and CPU are performing compared to mediate.

4. Intel Atom

Intel! We all have heard of their processors in laptops and PCs, now they entered in mobile processor area, how they are able to perform here, for this let's go and open Quriousbox..!

  • Battery Life

Yes, they are having serious concerns for battery backup, their PC processors are consuming on 40-watt power but making processors which should consume less than 5 watts is a hurdle for them, they are working on a new processor to solve this issue.

  • Performance:

as far as performance is a concern they are really good in this.

  • Heating Problem:

We all are well aware of heat-throwing from our laptops and PCs, after this statement you might be more Qurious for this issue.
There Atom Processors are discharging more heat when you will run heavy and CPU intensive tasks.

  • Graphics

They are also using third party GPU like Mali and Power VGR graphics in their CPU's

My suggestion: currently out of all Qualcomm Snapdragon is the best and a straight away winner, but for this, you need to pay some extra money.

If you are looking for low budget phone under 7000 then you can compromise with Mediatek equipped smartphone like (Micromax, Lava, Intex, Swipe, etc ), but if you want a phone with good performance and ready to pay some extra money than its better to buy Qualcomm Snapdragon phone, these processors capture majority of market in good performance mobile, even Samsung uses snapdragon processors on their smartphone.

Intel processors are currently available only in very few mobiles like Asus Zenfone series


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