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ICC New Rules for Run Out, Bat Size, DRS and Red Cards in 2017


Since our childhood playing is one of our best hobbies and we all have a dream to play for the nation. After the football, cricket is the second most popular game in the world. ICC New Rules are here to maintain the fans excitement in the game.

Recently ICC (International Cricket Council) had announced the list of new rules for international cricket which will be effective from 1st October 2017. In late May, ICC committee suggested few recommendations related to DRS, bat size, critical run-out situation etc.

ICC New Rules for DRS:

DRS (Decision Review System) is introduced to give some power to players, to ask for a review against field umpire. But if Umpire is correct then team is losing their review.

ICC has approved the suggestion of that teams will not loss there review if the review is lost for umpire’s call which is using in LBW decision. Currently if fielding team take the review for LBW and third umpire found that half of the ball is hitting the wicket then final call is taken by field umpire.

But with the ICC new rules, now team will loss there review.

ICC New Rules for Cricket Bat Size:

ICC has defined the bat size with measurement limits for width, depth and edge
108mm in width,
67mm in depth and
40mm on the edge.

ICC New Rules for Red Card for Misbehavior:

Now field umpire has rights to send any player back to pavilion if umpire found any misbehavior by any player on field.

ICC New Rules for Run Out:

ICC has introduce new rule for run out give if bat bounce after crossing crease. From now the player will not be given out if bat bounces after crossing crease.

Surly all these new rules will raise the excitement in game.

Comment what you think about these new rules, Also comment what other new or modification you like to see?

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