Deserve Our Respect

7 Kind Of Jobs Which People Do, Really Deserve Our Respect


There are many of people in our nation who do essential, troublesome and even shitty jobs who don’t get the respect they deserve. Below are few mentioned Jobs that Deserve Our Respect. Let’s have a round of applause for these Indian People everyone! Because we know actually they Deserve Our Respect.

1. Teachers

What do you think? the Teacher who teach you your A-B-C-D would get a lot of respect. But NO! They don’t. In India, where teachers often get horrifying compensations and pathetic working conditions, respect is the only thing they have going for them. They do the Jobs that Deserve Our respect but even that they get rarely.

2. Farmers

The Farmers grow our food. We eat the food they grow for us. We have never thought if the farmers will not grow what will eat. they do hard work, feed us, that doesn’t change the fact that they do the Jobs that Deserve Our Respect.

3. Soldiers

The Soldiers sleep less so that all of us can sleep nicely. They do the Jobs that Deserve Our Respect. But we choose to reserve our patriotism and appreciation for two days a year, Republic Day and Independence Day.

4. Sewer Cleaners

Sewer Cleaners and garbage collector Jobs may come as a surprise amongst us, but gutters don’t actually clean themselves. There are the people who have to get into the muck and keep it unclogged. They do the Jobs that Deserve Our Respect. But what words do we address them with? “Achhoot,” “safaai wala,” “Bhangi” and “Chaprasi.”

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5. Customer Service Representatives

How you will feel if your job is to listen only complain al the time. But the people in call centers do it anyway. without their faults, they get abused, screamed and berated for the thing that isn’t even done by them. They do the Jobs that Deserve Our Respect.

6. Housewives

Housewives job isn’t exactly a job in Indian society. Taking responsibility for the entire house is no mean task. And the worst part is that most families think nothing they do. But they do it anyway either sick or healthy, they do it with love. They do the Jobs that Deserve Our Respect.

7. Parents

The parents Love, care for there children. They raise own blood without expecting a single word of appreciation. This might just be the most thankless job in the world. They do the Jobs that Deserve Our Respect. The facilities they haven’t got in there childhood they always ready to give to there children.

“Thank You” to all the people in our nation, Because we know actually, you all Deserve Our Respect.

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