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Loktak Lake – The World’s Only One Floating Lake in Manipur, India


QuriousBox brought a thought to imagine a land that floats on water. Just think, you are standing on a piece of floating land. Can you imagine…? But yes, you can experience it in your real life, this is not a miracle. It is actually possible in Loktak Lake – Manipur, India.

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Phumdis in Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake is iconic and the largest freshwater lake located in Bishnupur district in Northeast India. An hour of journey from Imphal to the hidden paradise Keibul Lamjao a distance of 53 km from Imphal. This place is very popular and resembles for the landmass that floats freely in the lake. these floating swamps locally called as Phumdis it means series of floating islands.

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Sangai walks on Phumdis

The lake is home to 425 species of animals, 100 species of birds, and 233 species of aquatic plants including Python and sambhar for Indian bread. the state animal of Manipur is the dancing deer – Sangai. It adapted to walk easily on the Phumdis.

Sangai Deer - QuriousBox

Livelihood For Fisherman

Loktak Lake serves a source of water for irrigation, hydropower generation, and supply drinking water. it is also a source for rural fisherman for their livelihood, who live on Phumdis and in the surrounding areas.

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 Migratory Birds from November to March
Loktak Lake Migratory Birds - QuriousBox

You can explore the park by climbing up the tower on a hillock as well by traveling around in boats to get a panoramic view. The park fills with some migratory birds and along with some water birds from the month of November to March. More than 18 different species and including 32,000 birds of migratory birds were sighted during this season. So, this season is considered to visit some wonders which offer a bird’s eye view of in the Park of Loktak Lake.

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