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Menstrual Leave – Countries made Law for Women to take Menstrual Leave.


Menstrual leave is for working women, where she has an option to take rest at home and claim paid mensural leave. Due Tremendous pain and mood swings during menstrual cycle productivity at work may get affected, so many countries have decided to give Menstrual leaves to women employee

If you ever been in a group of good friends or ever worked in a team which has more number of women’s, then you might be aware of what and how this monthly devil change the mental or physiological state.

It’s been a long discussion for giving menstrual leave to women, many men’s are having a different opinion for these leaves. There are some Asian countries where Menstrual leave policies exist.

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Countries Made Law for Menstrual leave:

Just after World War II, Japan implemented menstrual leave under Article 68 of the Labor Standards Law states. Which states “When a woman for whom work during menstrual periods would be especially difficult has requested leave, the employer shall not employ such woman on days of the menstrual period.”


Under the Labor Act of 1948, Indonesian women are entitled to take two days menstrual leave in a month.


In Taiwan, Under Act of Gender Equality in Employment, women worker can get three days of menstrual leave per year. The extra three days do not come with half-pays once a woman employee exceeds the regulated 30.


In the central Anhui Province female employees are entitled to take two days menstrual leave, but need to produce a certificate from a legal medical institute or hospital,” reports

With increasing majority of women employees in India, does India also need to make a law for women employees?

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