Pay Double GST For Having Credit Cards

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GST – a long-awaited economic reform was finally implemented in India on 1st of July 2017. This historic move by BJP lead government was appreciated by many and also criticized by some.

Biggest Question in Mind for GST?

Even GST (Goods and Service Tax) is implemented and also advertised by the government, but still, there are many questions in mind like the various tax on different items. The government is trying to clear all the questions, also PM Narendra Modi called GST as “Good and Simple Tax”.

Social Media Rumor:

Social media is the best way come out to advertise any product, news or information. Nowadays and GST related message is circulating in social media which says. – if you are using credit cards for paying utility bill then you have to pay double GST (one for Goods service and second for using the credit card).

The exact message is as below which is viral on WhatsApp.

Friends – Do not make payment of utility bills like Telephone, Electricity, Gas, Mobile etc by Credit Card from now. You will be paying GST twice, once for the service, second on the credit card amount. Use cash or Internet banking. Share this information.


Clarification by Revenue Secretary:

To clarify this confusion, Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia wrote on Twitter –

A wrong message is doing rounds on social media that if u make payment of utility bills by credit cards, you will be paying GST twice. This is completely untrue. Please do not recirculate such message without checking it with authority.

Tax to Pay by Customers:

Before 1st July 5, 2017, ie. GST implementation date, banks are charging service tax(15%) only on annual charges, processing fees on the EMIs and interest payments and late payment of credit card bills. Not on the payments of a credit card which are made timely.

But after implementation of GST now instead of 15%, the customer has to pay 18% tax under GST. Which 3% extra, not the double is as mentioned in viral messages.

Stop the Rumors:

Implementation of GST is one of the most revolutionary steps taken by the Indian government and it’s our responsibility to make it a success.

Be a part of this revolutionary step and we should stop spreading any of such rumors which ultimately result in doubts and chaos.