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Rear Surgery of 8-Years-Old Girl by Indian Doctors

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An innocent girl Neha from Mau, UP. Who drunk acid by mistake when she was 1.5 yrs old. Since then she is not able to consume food as her food pipe was damaged; so, she was taking liquid food from pipe inserted in the intestine.

Her parents were daily wagers and were very distressed as many hospitals were not ready to help them, some refused because she is under weighed just 19.5 kgs.

Ray of happiness came two months back when they took their daughter to VS Hospital Ahmadabad, where a team of doctors replaced her esophagus. was a very rear operation which is termed as “gastric pull up oesophageal reconstruction.” It took approx. 5 hours to create the 8-inch passage for food from neck to abdomen.

This was the happiest moment for her parents as their princess is now able to eat on her own after a long period, more than 6 years and now she can enjoy a normal life.

God bless her with all happiness in her life.

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