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7 Favourite Smartphone Brand in India for 2017 and 2018


Smartphone becomes a basic need in daily life. Everyone is caring a mobile with them. mobile Market is a mess-up with lots of smartphone brands in India. When you are planning to purchase a new mobile; it very much difficult to decide one among all on basis of price, quality and performance. Here is some favourite smartphone brand in India you may like for your next purchase.

1. Samsung

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Samsung is running number one favourite smartphone brand in India. Samsung is very popular and largest seller of mobile in India. This brand has lot many extensive device range line-up with its good performance for low to high budget range segment customers. So the budget range can catch hold the customers for Samsung brand.

2. Lenovo

Lenovo Mobile - QuriousBox

Lenovo owns Motorola in 2016, and now its Moto by Lenovo. Now Lenovo brand emerged as the number two favourite smartphone brand in India. Lenovo makes many smartphones under its different sub-brands and becomes very popular with its great value offer for buyers money proposition with tight pocket low budget range segment customers.

3. Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mobile - QuriousBox

Xiaomi a china’s brand is number three favourite smartphone brand in India. Indian young audiences are loving the budget offering by this brand with the best quality feature. Xiaomi brand has million of online sell on its devices. Xiaomi is focusing low to mid budget range segment customers.

4. Apple

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Apple needs no introduction to its brand. everyone wish to own an iPhone in India due to its quality and popularity. The Apple smartphones are priced a bit higher but are still number four favourite smartphone brand in India. It worth the price for its best user experience. the brand Apple is the market leader for the only high-end budget price segment customer.

5. Sony

Sony Mobile - QuriousBox

Sony products are perfect from every aspect. Sony brand is number five favourite smartphone brand in India. Pick any Sony product; it has best sound quality and camera picture. Sony has been always focusing on mid to high-end budget range segment customers. Sony Xperia smartphones always provided the best user experience in their respective price segments.

6. Oppo

Oppo Mobile - QuriousBox

Oppo manufacturer is competing for the thinnest selfie generation smartphone. It is available with the highest-quality for rear-facing and front-facing lens camera. Oppo brand is number six favourite smartphone brand in India. Oppo smartphone purely focused on better Image technology also can capture panoramas horizontally or vertically. Oppo targeting on mid to high-end budget range segment customers.

7. Vivo

Vivo Mobile - QuriousBox

Vivo smartphones are available with hi-tech chips, great camera and music features. It offer’s best mobile phones with great features & specifications. Vivo brand is number Seven favourite smartphone brand in India. Vivo launched so many budget friendly smartphones by focusing low to mid budget range segment customers.


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