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“Tubelight” – Salman and Shahrukh coming together on EID

Tubelight – Salman Khan’s upcoming film.

Salman Khan’s this year’s EID release is Tubelight. It’s an Indian historical drama, directed by Kabir Khan. This film set during the Sino-Indian War of 1962. The film produces by Salman Khan and Kabir Khan. A Special nano-appearance of Shah Rukh Khan is shown in it.

The story of the film endearing love between two brothers, Bharat & Lakshman. Salman Khan as Lakshman plays the lead role and very popular with name Tubelight. Sohail Khan as Bharat plays the role of a fauji in the film.

‘Tubelight’ Is Inspired By Firangi Film

The story of Salman Khan’s ‘Tubelight’ is based on the movie Little Boy which released in 2015. Everyone is aware of the dozens of posters and the constant promotion which is releasing online every day.

The trailer looks almost Almost Identical to Little-Boy but to be honest it’s very heart touching and feels good.

Character Intro in trailer ‘Tubelight’

The “Tubelight” trailer shows an introduction of Laxman Singh Bisht, he grasps the things little slower than others; means people with less-than-average IQ. People calling him Tubelight. Bharat, Lakshman’s best friend, joins the Indian Army to realize the hardships of a soldier’s life.

The trailer takes a sudden twist and Bharat is missing. Laxman believes, Bharat will return one day, and here is the unfolds of the film story about belief and trust. The film’s punchline ‘Kya Tumhe Yakeen Hai’ (Do you believe?) arrives at its highest moment.

Salman gets emotional on film trailer ‘Tubelight’

Salman said, “It is a very emotional film. The emotions were draining because, Sohail Khan and I, are real life brothers and we are acting on-screen together too.”

Salman said, “It’s really sad that I’ve lost 3 very close people in the last few months. Reema Lagoo, Vinod Khanna and Om Puri.”

Salman gets Emotional in tubelight - QuriousBox

Upcoming Promotion Of ‘Tubelight’

Tubelight upcoming promotion will soon by Zhu Zhu, she is the co-star of Salman Khan in this film. this is her debut Bollywood movie.

Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu - QuriousBox


Want to watch the full trailer of this Movie: Click Here >

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