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Women Empowerment


The subject of Women Empowerment refers to increasing and improving social, economic,political and legal strength of the women. It also refers to the creation of an environment for the women where they can make their decision of their own for their personal benefits as well as for the society.

women empowerment is the process in which women elaborate and recreate what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance that they previously were denied.

What is Empowerment?

The term empowerment originates from American community psychology and is associated with the social scientist Julian Rappaport(1981). Empowerment means accepting and allowing people (women) who are on the outside of the decision-making process in to it.

Empowerment is the process that creates power in individuals over their own lives, society, and in their community. People are empowered when they are able to access the opportunities available to them without limitations and restrictions. Feeling entitled to make your own decision creates a sense of empowerment. Empowerment includes the action of raising the status of women through education, raising awareness, literacy and training.

Women empowerment has become a significant topic of discussion in development and economic.It can also point to the approaches regarding other trivialized gender in a particular political or social context.

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